About us

The big picture

We agreed our business plan for 2015-20 with our economic regulator, Ofwat. Our plan, driven by and for our customers, promises better value, better services and a healthier environment. It has been built around a ‘golden thread’ of four key themes:

Value for money

Severn Trent Water already has the lowest average household bills in England and Wales for water and waste water services combined, but prices in the current regulatory period, 2015-2020, will be limited to an equivalent of 1.2% below inflation a year, with the past price freeze in 2015 and then below inflation rises for the remaining four years.

Fair and balanced

Secondly, our plan is fair and balanced, taking into account the interests of all of our stakeholders and customers.  Over the last AMP we have shared the benefits of out-performance with our customers by investing £150 million extra to improve services.

Robust and reliable

Our plan is based on what our customers have told us through the largest consultation and engagement exercise we have ever undertaken. 

Doing the right thing for the long term

We are planning to invest to deliver long term benefits to our customers and the environment. Our approach reflects our Changing Course publications that have promoted a sustainable future for the water industry.