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Making the right choices

In our current business plan we will have to balance priorities which may conflict and make some difficult choices. We believe we will make better choices if we listen to the people we serve.

That is why we carried out 'Making the right choices' a consultation which seeks views on how we should tackle the challenging issues we face in the future.

This consultation is now closed, but you can read about how it helped to shape our next phase of consultation on our business plan: Your water. Your choices.



To support our written consultation, we held a series of workshops for our stakeholders. You can find out more about the events in our workshop programme.

Thank you to all our stakeholders who attended. You can view a copy of the slides and a record of the discussions (produced by the consultants who facilitated the events) below.

Climate change: 21 May 2012


Water services: 12 June 2012


Waste water services: 19 June 2012


Helping customers who struggle to pay: 6 September 2012


Commercial customers: 19 September 2012