About us

Our corporate values

These are the Severn Trent values that underpin all that we do. They help all Severn Trent employees understand how to think about the actions and decisions they have to take every day.
Doing the Right Thing - the Severn Trent way

Every day Severn Trent employees have to make choices about what they do and how they do it. Most of the time it is clear what the right thing to do is, whether it is about doing what’s safe, doing the right thing for customers, doing what is right ethically – and indeed what is right legally.

But sometimes it's not so clear. Doing the Right Thing - the Severn Trent way details the principles we work by. It explains who we are, what we stand for and how we work; it also tells our customers and our business partners that they can rely on us. These principles apply to all of us in all of Severn Trent’s businesses, no matter where in the world we are based.  They provide a common and consistent framework for responsible business practices and set out the standards we need to follow in our day-to-day activities.